About two weeks ago, I saw a facebook add talking about a 40€ trial on a photo book company. Well, I wrote my story and talked a little about myself and finally I got the trial. This company is called Saal Digital, a high quality printing german site where you can build up your own photo book. I just followed some instructions and it all became pretty easy. I downloaded the editing app and started building up my book. It's such a simple way of organising the best composition for the book. I am really happy with the result, honestly. Colours look absolutely mesmerizing,  and you can clearly feel the sense of quality from Saal Digital. I encourage you to build your own one. Mine end up being 34€ for 26 pages. Such a bargain. I ordered it in June 4th and arrived today, June 13. In my opinion, quick timing taking into account that it was coming from Germany. 
 Highly reccomended.


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